Alcon’s commitment to science-based innovation continues through a series of 23 posters and papers from studies executed by Alcon or through independent research grants sponsored by Alcon. These scientific presentations will be shared at this year’s American Academy of Optometry (Academy 2020) Meeting.

The scientific program at Academy 2020 includes several presentations offering a closer analysis of verofilcon A and delefilcon A, the water-surface technology materials for PRECISION1® and DAILIES TOTAL1® contact lenses, respectively. Plus, there are new studies on meibomian gland disease and dry eye treatments, advanced cataract and refractive surgery, allergic conjunctivitis and more.

View our Scientific Abstract Highlights for Alcon sponsored scientific presentations at Academy 2020. In addition, our team of medical science liaisons, medical directors, and staff will be available virtually to answer questions. Alcon, as usual, is proud to sponsor independent continuing education.

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